In-world Closed Market Remains Open

Few weeks ago, I had discovered my computer came close to a complete malfunction because of bugs and viruses. Through my own networking, I was able to get two different sources for help and discovered that a lot of issues within my computer came from Secondlife letting things into my computer without my knowledge. Replicators, which is a bug that once you try to remove it it ‘panics’ and began spitting out infected files, this is why the memory of my computer filled up and came close to complete malfunction.

This hand-in-hand with real life I decided to back off of Secondlife for awhile and closed my in-world locations. I refuse, for the time, to put anything Secondlife related on my computer. If you have anything of my at any locations please send it back to Definate Balfour, my avatar, in-world.

With the in-world locations closing, marketplace is still thriving! Marketplace has many many discounts and sales that will permanent continue. You can grab these days until X amount of time. My last releases were put up for cheaper than they were sold in-world to aid with traffic to the marketplace and for convenience of my customers.

Mesh, non-mesh, gifts, toys, and alot more all found there. Everything that was in-world are on the market and have been since before my computer issues.

Thank you everyone,

New – Jessen *Lolas Tango & Mused Full Breast Appliers Included*

Snapshot_006This great new release has appliers included that work for both the Lolas Tango and Mused Full Breast mesh breasts. 5 color pack you can get for a 120L reg. price at the main location or for a great discount for GFW @ 85L! You can also get this goodie on the marketplace for the reg. price as well.




World Goth Fair – Blackeri’s Takin’ Part!

You can come over to the Port Seraphine sim and grab some deals. Half of all purchases go to a good cause. Great freebies, discounts, and even gatchas!

Blackeri Booth-

Blackeri’s Gatchas-

They may have the sim to redirect you to a landing point, but those are the lms I had made during my set up. :)

New Release – Sunday Morning – Mesh

sundaymorningposterThis is a pack includes 5 different colors for the mesh top and a denim mesh skirt. Also included are panties in black and white. You can buy this in-world and on marketplace. Remember, if you buy through the in-world vending you build up store credit, group members get 10% of the purchase price towards their store credit, this is a great way to get things free!!!



Blogging Closed – Thank You Bloggers <33

I want to thank ALL of those that were interested in blogging Blackeri products, I also want to thank those that were bloggers for Blackeri, but I’ve decided to close down the blogger group and suspend any releases to those that blog.

The only time you’ll see Blackeri products being blogged is when they’re done through events or independent bloggers that are unaffiliated and not sponsored by me.

Thank you,